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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Its pouring rain today!

Our nearly 100 degree days have finally busted with a fresh breeze and clouds yesterday and a steady downpour today. Its bucketing down out there and the temperature is just into the 60s. That's mighty different from most of the days this summer.

Regarding my list of things to do while not in school, #3 is beginning to get on my nerves. I have the bent rails removed and yesterday I went in search of replacement parts. Of course, the dealer I bought it from no longer carries this brand, in fact the brand, Camplite by Damon, is extinct! Through the Damon corporate website I found a Damon dealer in Utah and I called them but their parts department can't help me without the VIN of the camper. The model number and year of manufacture isn't enough information to be able to accurately order 2 pieces of steel apparently...

None of these camper parts appear to be available online. You can order every little RV accessory and widget through many sources but I've been unsuccessful locating real "parts" online. And there's no buying anything directly from the manufacturer, you first must be a "registered dealer"...

I found another brand of camper that uses the same steel channel but the one model the dealer was displaying only had a full sized bed, not a queen sized, so the rails on their model were 6" too short. That parts guy is supposed to be researching some longer rails but he hasn't called me back, so I guess he forgot. Or didn't think my requirements were important enough to spend any time researching.

Can you tell I'm a little frustrated? This is turning into a real pain in my butt. Every place I've been, (4 RV stores yesterday) all seem to be interested in selling me a new GPS guided satellite television dish with mobile tracking and verbal KOA directions assistance, but nobody really seems to care about my bent bed slider rails. I guess I need to make a few more phone calls and see what I can stir up. I wish I could just find the original vendor of the steel channel and get away from the RV dealer bottleneck!

As for the other items in my list of things to do while not in school, #s 1, 2, 8, & 10 have been accomplished, though I need more time for #10. As noted above, #3 is pending and #11, coffee with Carol is tentatively planned for Sunday (see comments to prior post).

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